Care and Maintenance:

Protection of the i-limb hand:

  • Avoid torque forces
  • Avoid impact
  • Carry heavy loads near knuckles
  • Ensure hand is fully closed around handles
  • Avoid moisture, liquids, high temperatures, excessive dust & vibration

Additional information of importance to the user:

  • Donning/Doffing Recommendations
  • Charging the prosthesis
  • Cleaning the socket and covering
  • Cleaning precautions (substances to avoid)
  • Wear schedule
  • my i-limb app
  • Touch Clinical Outcome Measures (TCOM) enrollment & participation
  • Review User Manual
  • Ensure you are following State laws in regards to use of prosthesis when driving*

*See References section at end of a training presentation for Touch Bionics position statement on driving a motor vehicle